Students Act and Teachers Learn with Arts Integration Instructor Randy Barron

4th Graders Troy Abarr, Kaliyah Jackson, Dylan Rogers, and Tate Thach

4th Graders Nataysha Campbell, Dontavia Iverson, Barimona Menegbo, and Esra Abdella

Randy Barron working with a 4th Grade class

Students throughout Findley enjoyed a visit from Randy Barron!  Randy, in partnership with Des Moines Performing Arts and the Kennedy Center of Washing DC, is working with a variety of teachers throughout the Des Moines School District, to enhance learning through dance, drama and ultimately Arts Integration. Teachers involved in the class had a chance to bring Randy into their classroom to teach a lesson involving dance and drama last week.

Students in Ms. Budreau’s 2nd grade class, Ms. Hiatt’s ELL class and Ms. Jorgensen’s 4th grade art class had a chance to discuss topics from their classroom subjects and turn them into group performances. Students worked individually and within groups to focus on collaboration, cooperation and performance.  Students enjoyed the activity, some stating that it was great to “move”, “dance”, and “work with friends”.  Teachers and staff of Findley strive to bring the arts to every student, both in and outside the classroom.  This is just one more way we are accomplishing our goals!

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