Our Story

Findley Elementary School is a neighborhood school serving kindergarten through fifth grade students. Findley’s mission: Building big dreamers and high achievers.

2023 Theme: Lead with Love

2022 Theme: Read to Lead

2018 Theme: Whole Hearts
2017 Theme: Be the difference!
2016 Theme: Seize the day!
2015 Theme: ¡Si Se Puede! (Translated, “Yes, we can!”)
2014 Theme: Aim High!
2013 Theme: We Believe!
2012 Theme: Dream Big!

In 2012, Findley was selected to participate in a new arts education initiative to help turn around low-performing schools, developed in cooperation with the U.S. Department of Education and the White House Domestic Policy Council. The Turnaround Arts initiative is a public-private partnership designed to narrow the achievement gap and improve student engagement through the arts. Findley was chosen to be one of eight schools featured in the program through a highly competitive national selection process, and received intensive arts education resources, expertise and the involvement of high-profile President’s Committee artists over the course of two years to support their educational reform effort.  With a strong focus of arts in the classroom, Findley has enjoyed the program’s benefits. In 2014, four other neighboring schools to Findley (within DMPS) were chosen to participate in the same Turnaround Arts Initiative with Findley continuing and deepening their programs and instruction developed the previous two years.

In 2014, Findley was selected by the I Have a Dream Foundation to  be a Dreamer Academy.  Students and families are supported with resources that include College Savings Accounts for every child, HiSet courses for parents, tax support for families and so much more.  Findley continues to grow as a Dreamer Academy.  In 2015, each grade level was adopted by a state college or trade school.  These relationships provide a great foundation for students as they begin thinking about their futures – college visits, college gear, trade experience – all begins now!