Montessori at Findley

In the 2024-2025 school year, Findley will transition to Montessori teaching and learning for K-5 students. We know that with this change will come many questions from our families and partners. Please use the form below to submit your questions regarding Montessori and what the 24-25 school year will hold for you and our Findley scholars. Those of us at Findley are also learning what it means to teach in the Montessori philosophy and will do our best to answer questions. Updates to questions will be posted on our website under the Big Dream tab. Thank you for being a partner in this important work and helping us ensure we meet the needs of our students, families, and community partners.

Family Montessori Survey

Below you will finds some preliminary information about Findley Montessori.

Question Answer
Montessori utilizes multi-age classrooms. What does multi-age mean and what does that mean for classes? Multi-age classrooms allow for more developmentally appropriate supports for students. Students will have opportunities to develop relationships with their teacher over a longer period of time as they will be with the same teacher for two years. Also, older students will have opportunities to be leaders and mentor younger students.

In our clubs on Fearless Fridays, we have seen great success with multi-age clubs. Students respond well to opportunities to interact with students from other grade-levels.

We will have 4 multi-age classrooms of K and 1st grade students.

We will have 4 multi-age classrooms of 2nd and 3rd grade students.

We will have 4 multi-age classrooms of 4th and 5th grade students.

Why is 6th grade not part of Montessori in 24-25? Findley is serving as a pilot for re-imagining  different elementary and 6th grade experiences. We take this responsibility seriously. To support our district in assessing impacts on students experiencing 6th grade in an elementary school, we will offer a more traditional 6th grade approach to teaching and learning that is tailored to our students’ desired experiences.
Why Montessori? We have been Dreaming Big at Findley and many of our conversations about the Big Dream have included aspects of Montessori. At the time of our conversations, we just didn’t know that Montessori was an option. Since being presented with the option of becoming Montessori, we realized that we were closer to Montessori than previously thought. Multi-age clubs on Fearless Fridays, student choice in learning, student data notebooks, and options for students to move between grade-levels to receive math instruction are just a few examples.