6th Grade at Findley

In 2024-2025, Findley will be the pilot in Des Moines Public Schools for 6th grade in elementary schools.

Since March 2023, we have been working with our families, students, staff, and community partners to imagine Findley becoming a K-6 school. Our work has included soliciting feedback, reviewing data, and engaging in conversations and focus groups to dream of a 6th grade experience at Findley that meets the needs of our students. Our collective work resulted in overwhelming agreement that having 6th grade at Findley would be in the best interest of our students and families.

Our district partners support our work and are excited to partner with us to not help us design a positive 6th grade experience but to measure the impacts of 6th grade in an elementary school.

Screenshot 2024 04 04 at 2.15.17 PMAs the 2024-2025 school year approaches, we will have more details about the 6th grade experience at Findley. In the meantime, our current 5th grade students are learning about their strengths and are being supported in developing their leadership skills. We see our future 6th grade students as important partners in designing a 6th grade experience and supporting our school through their strengths and leadership.