Grandview Theatre Performs at Findley

Grandview student actors and Findley student actors

Findley students were treated to a performance by the Grandview University Theatre Arts Department on Friday, October 4. The Viking Theatre at Grandview is closed for renovation, but that has not stopped the theatre department from rehearsing and performing. Kristin Larson brought her troupe of actors to Findley and other elementary schools to perform The Fisherman and His Wife, a version of a Grimm’s Fairy Tale. The play was performed in participatory style with lots of audience interaction. Some students were called to the stage to fill roles ranging from a fish to a tree to the king’s servants. The entire student body added sound effects and ocean waves to the setting. The play was filled with action and full of laughs. Findley students did their part with good audience manners, participation, and applause for a job well done. It was a wonderful opportunity to experience live theatre done well.

Shown in Picture:

Back row Grandview student actors:
Emmett Phillips (Fisherman), Evan Hay (Flouder), Brittany Beridon (Wife “Isabel”), Jess Short (Storyteller)

Front row: Findley student actors:
Jose Alcantara-Herrera, Aairianae Simmons, Aubree Cikanek, Ionna Keys, Valeria Gonzalez-Rojas, Leah Linebach

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