4th Grade gets University Map Lesson

The University of Iowa’s Dr. Tom Rice brought his map mini-course to 4th grade classes on Friday, September 29th. Dr. Rice, a map enthusiast himself, added to the 4th grade cartography unit with an hour devoted to studying types of maps, map making and map folding. “This has to be the best fourth-grade class I’ve had,” said Dr. Rice as he wrapped up the afternoon. Before they left, each student received a state of Iowa transportation map. Findley students asked and answered questions, saw a variety of different types of maps and each one created a map of the cafeteria, where the mini-course took place. “We’re looking forward to having all of you on campus at Iowa next spring,” Dr. Rice concluded. The Findley 4th graders will make a campus visit to Iowa City in April to learn more about the University of Iowa.

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